Release qls-3.1.10

Hey everyone,

After 5 years I've decided to finally fix all the bugs in the script and release a new stable version. I went through every bug report in the Bugs section of the forum and made sure I took a look at each one. I found that most of the bugs were caused by poor coding; let's just say I've gotten much better in 5 years. You can find the new links on the downloads page:

If you're updating from 3.1.9 just choose the qls-3.1.10-changed_files_only version.

Here is an excerpt from the CHANGELOG:

[Fix] Logging in falsely will now produce an error message
[Fix] Editing a file will now work with zero length files
[Fix] ACTIVATE_ADMIN_VERFICATION changed to ACTIVATE_ADMIN_VERIFICATION in activate.php (Thanks to user antonio1)
[Fix] Session->clear_old_sessions() error in API syntax (Thanks to user Monter)
[Fix] Session->clear_old_sessions() now being used in qls.class.php
[Fix] Session->validate_session() now updates the users cookie/session information correctly
[Fix] Session->validate_session() using wrong $information index (Thanks to user Monter)
[Fix] User->validate_password() uses min_password now instead of min_username (Thanks to user dirmhirn)
[Fix] auth_admin_edit_page was missing from run_form() in admin_add_mask_form.php (Thanks to user Mamoune)
[Fix] Various installation issues including error reporting
[Fix] Removed dual entries in the language file (Thanks to user Wormnest)
[Feature] Added ACTIVATION_BODY_SUCCESS to English.lang.php
[Feature] An email is now sent when an administrator activates a user account (Thanks to user Wormnest)
[Fix] Change password bug fixed where a blank username still sent the form (Thanks to user jeffr and lulu)
[Fix] Added activation time when activating users from admin panel (Thanks to user Wormnest)
[Fix] Password matching failed with special characters on registration (Thanks to user antonio1)
[Fix] Changed encodeURI to encodeURIComponent in admin_panel.php (Thanks to user BillG)
[Info] Dropped support for updating from anything below 3.1.9
[Fix] Added ADMIN_EDIT_USER_NO_AUTH to English.lang.php
[Fix] check_username_existance() was changed to check_username_existence() in User.class.php
[Info] Indented everything that was not in my previous coding style
[Info] Added variable declaration on line 281 in Security.class.php
[Info] Added variable declaration on line 375 in qls.class.php
[Info] Changed documentation for constructor in MySQL.class.php and MySQLie.class.php
[Info] Dropped support for PostgreSQL (will return in 4.0.0)
[Fix] Lines 75 and 116 of Group.class.php was not referencing the qls class properly
[Fix] Increased the minimum version to PHP 5.2.0
[Fix] Website error in admin_panel.php
[Fix] Random variable on line 707 named $save removed in User.class.php
[Fix] Replaced ereg_replace() with str_replace() in SQL.class.php line 59
[Fix] Replaced all email matching with the filter_var() function
[Fix] Variable name mismatch in Admin.class.php (various locations)
[Fix] Any reference to the .com version of the site removed finally!

This is an extensive list! There were no new real features added in this version, but I think I found most of the errors. Users who reported the bugs/provided a fix in the forum have been included in the list, thanks for your help!

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